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Tesla Summer Internship – Recruiting Infrastructure Internship In Fremont

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    Job Description:

    This position is expected to start around August or September 2022 and continue through the entire Fall term (i.e. through December/January) or into early Spring 2023 if available. We ask for a minimum of 12 weeks, full-time, for most internships. Please consider before submitting an application.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Recognizing patterns to define gaps in the ATS and drive change at a system level with responsible parties (end users, system admins, etc.)
    • Ensure successful integration with downstream systems and accurate reporting to stakeholders
    • Collect, analyze, and present data from the system when provided a subset of potentially unrelated data points/filters to draw conclusions
    • Prioritize creating and maintaining a system that empowers recruiters to focus on their candidates by differentiating between user education gaps and system configuration issues and defining a path to course correct
    • Audit information within and across systems

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Preferred experience and knowledge of SQL through academic programs, projects or past work experience
    • Ability to effectively communicate abstract ideas both written and verbally
    • Evidence of excellence in creative problem solving
    • Excellent time management skills
    • Interest in system architecture
    • Familiarity with project tracking tools
    • Preferred experience with data visualization (Tableau, Power BI, etc.) through academic projects, programs, or past work experience
    • Understanding of software development workflows and the role that users play in supporting rollout and testing of new system functionality
    • Advanced Excel knowledge and experience
    • Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Analytics, Management Information Systems, or any STEM-related field

    To apply for this job please visit

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