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Student Trainee – Us Army Corps Of Engineers Jobs Walla Walla

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    Job Description:

    Summary About the Position: Position(s) will be filled under the Department of the Army Pathways Intern Program. Click here for more information on Pathways program participation. You will perform administrative and clerical support functions for supervisor and staff. Responsibilities Pathways Internship positions provide for development and training. Assignments become more responsible as incumbent increases knowledge and skills through work experience and academic training. At the full-performance level, you will be expected to: Use a computer to perform a wide range of word processing functions and preparation of analytical reports; Prepare personnel actions as required and assist supervisors in preparation of required documentation; Maintain information and statistical data and prepare various recurring and non-recurring reports; Maintain and order office supplies as needed; Prepare and analyze the fiscal year operating budget for the area assigned; Gather data and analyze/consolidate requirements; Perform timekeeping and related duties; Process travel orders; Provide expertise for procurement of goods, supplies, and services; Prepare purchase documents for a wide variety of items; and Provide technical support work within the specialty organization assigned. Requirements Conditions of Employment Qualifications Who May Apply: Students who are eligible for participation in the Department of the Army Internship Program Positions are open to current students pursuing a qualifying degree or certificate in an accredited high school, college (including 4-year colleges/universities, community colleges, and junior colleges); professional, technical, vocational, and trade school; advanced degree programs; or other qualifying educational institution on at least a half-time basis (as defined by the institution in which the student is enrolled). Short-term training programs (e.g., several two-week programs completed) are not considered an academic course of study.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Internship for current students in good standing at an accredited education.
    • For this internship, you must be able to work full-time when not attending classes (i.e., summers, fall and spring breaks, etc.), and as much as practical while attending/enrolled in school at least part-time.
    • This intern position is designed to prepare a student trainee for employment after graduation as a Administrative Support Assistant.
    • Interns will be assigned tasks designed to increase familiarity with the target occupation in a real world work environment. This opportunity follows a standard promotional path: Internship selection will be made at the GS-04.
    • These grade levels are what typical college students in their third year may qualify.
    • Within 120 days after completion of Internship requirements, you may be eligible for conversion to the entry-level for the target occupation.
    • Entry level for these positions are typically at the GS-07 level.
    • The actual grade level at the time of conversion depends on academic achievement and other factors. The full performance level of this position is GS-07.
    • Progression from the entry-level to the full performance level for this occupation will depend on successful completion of all requirements for promotion.
    • Promotions may be considered after a year at each grade level, but are not guaranteed to occur on a specific time schedule.
    • See requirements for conversion to permanent or term position in the “Additional Information” section below. To qualify for a Pathways Internship as a GS-04, students must have completed two full academic years of post-high school study or have an associate’s degree.
    • For qualification purposes, an academic year is computed as follows: At the undergraduate level, successfully completed education that has not led to possession of a degree is credited based on its relationship to 120 semester hours or 180 quarter hours.
    • For example, 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours is comparable to 1 year of undergraduate education. Four years of progressive study or 120 semester hours meets the degree requirements.
    • Additional credit cannot be given for duplicate course work.
    • For study at a business or technical school, 36 weeks of study (20+ classroom hours per week) is comparable to 1 academic year above high school.

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:</h

    •  An academic year of graduate education is considered to be the number of credit hours that the school attended has determined to represent 1 academic year of full-time study.
    • This determination is made based on normal course loads for a full year of study in the graduate program. If that information cannot be obtained from the school, 18 semester hours or 27 quarter hours should be considered as satisfying the 1 year of full-time study requirement.
    • Part-time graduate education is creditable in accordance with its relationship to a year of full-time study at the school attended.
    • When academic credit is expressed in contract months, units, or other terms that differ from conventional semester or quarter hours, it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide an interpretation of such credits from the appropriate institution in order to equate them to the semester or quarter hours specified in the standard.
    • NOTE: If your college, vocational, trade, technical or high schools’ definition of “academic year” differs from above, you must submit proof of this difference (e.g., copy of course catalog that defines an academic year). Absent this documentation, you will screened for academic qualifications based on the academic hours as defined in the bullets above.
    • You will be evaluated on the basis of your level of competency in the following areas: Grade Point AverageLearning Education For this internship, we are seeking a current student majoring in Administrative Office Technology, Business Administration, or Office Management, or other similar administrative program. Only degrees from an accredited college or university recognized by the Department of Education are acceptable to meet positive education requirements or to substitute education for experience.
    • For additional information, please go to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and U.S. Department of Education websites

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