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Nvidia Careers Internship – Developer Relations Manager Conversational AI In Trowbridge

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    Job Description:

    Conversational AI solutions are getting ubiquitous for interaction between humans and computers. At NVIDIA, we are building a few SDKs for our developers to develop, optimize and deploy conversational AI applications. We have NeMo, an open-source toolkit to create, train and fine-tune innovative ASR/NLP/TTS models, and Riva, an SDK to build and deploy high-performance conversational AI applications, together with a stack of fundamental runtimes, libraries and SDKs such as TensorRT and Triton for performance optimization, AI model/service deployment etc.. It is essential to build strategic partnerships with ISVs and developer communities for them to leverage what NVIDIA is building.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Interact with Inception Program Manager (NVIDIA startup accelerator) to drive tighter engagement with selected accounts in the Video Conferencing AI space
    • Collaborate with product/engineering teams to influence the NVIDIA Video Conferencing AI product roadmap based on the voice of Nvidia partners
    • Build relationships with partners, including leading software companies and developer communities in the Video Conferencing AI space to drive adoption of NVIDIA GPUs and SDKs
    • Drive technical engagement with partners to support partners’ technology, product and solution development
    • Collaborate with Marketing to promote partners’ solutions and showcase use cases Nvidia enables

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Pursuing MS/PhD in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent work experience
    • Expert understanding of Video Conferencing AI technologies
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Excellent communication abilities and collaborative attitude
    • 5+ Years of experience
    • Proven understanding of the deep learning ecosystem – which markets are emerging most quickly, key players, competitors, etc.
    • Proven understanding of machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence technology and platforms

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