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Nasa Internships 2023 – Systems Reliability In Huntsville

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    Job Description:

    New ideas are all around us, but only a few will change the world. That’s our focus at JPL. We ask the biggest questions, then search the universe for answers—literally. We build upon ideas that have guided generations, then share our discoveries to inspire generations to come. Your mission—your opportunity—is to seek out the answers that bring us one step closer. If you’re driven to discover, create, and inspire something that lasts a lifetime and beyond, you’re ready for JPL.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Serve as a System Reliability Engineer on JPL Flight Projects and/or 513 Process Improvement tasks.
    • Perform System Reliability analyses (outlined below), and generate relevant documentation in accordance with JPL requirements and Gate Product list.
    • Collaborate with the Flight Projects to evaluate and recommend architectural changes to system hardware, software, or flight operations to increase mission reliability and reduce mission risk.
    • Develop functional block diagrams from hardware diagrams; able to identify functional failure modes (versus hardware failure modes)
    • Verify the Project meets its System Reliability requirements, and/or support waiver generation and risk assessment.
    • Participate in Project reviews and technical meetings as the representative for the System Reliability Engineering group.
    • Review reliability analyses performed by other 513 reliability engineers
    • Apply established techniques and processes to quantitatively assess system risks
    • Support efforts to collect and develop quantitative failure statistics such as failure rates and probabilities from flight and test data.
    • Identify and implement potential new reliability analysis methods or techniques to enhance System Reliability products.
    • Support identification and development of Model Based Mission Assurance (MBMA) techniques for System Reliability
    • Lead/support process improvement tasks for the System Reliability group and Section 513

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering or related technical discipline with typically a minimum of 3 year of related experience; or Masters degree in similar disciplines with 1 years of experience.
    • Familiarity with typical System Reliability analyses (e.g., FTA, FMECA, FCR identification, PRA, SEEA, etc.) and the ability to learn to perform them.
    • Experience working on Flight Projects or Mission Concept Studies in a technical role during Formulation or Implementation phases.
    • Deductive and inductive analytical skills.
    • Basic knowledge of Flight System designs and operational concepts.
    • Experience working in a multidisciplinary and collaborative environment.
    • Strong organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines.
    • Ability to deal with multiple issues, tasks and priorities concurrently.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    • Ability to think creatively and develop out-of-the-box solutions to challenging technical issues.
    • Ability to think and work abstractly, e.g., in conceptual space as well as the hardware/software implementation space; be able to translate back and forth between conceptual space and implementation (hardware/software)

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