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Nasa Internships 2022 – Deep Learning for Deep Space Navigation In Texas City

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    Job Description:

    New ideas are all around us, but only a few will change the world. That’s our focus at JPL. We ask the biggest questions, then search the universe for answers—literally. We build upon ideas that have guided generations, then share our discoveries to inspire generations to come. Your mission—your opportunity—is to seek out the answers that bring us one step closer. If you’re driven to discover, create, and inspire something that lasts a lifetime and beyond, you’re ready for JPL.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Design, develop, document, test, and deliver spacecraft RF assemblies (filters, SSPAs, PLLs, pre-amps) for use with spaceflight telecom subsystems.
    • Participate in the design and development of new types of RF components to increase efficiency, reduce size and mass.
    • Familiar with schedule, design, and coordination of test plans for RF assemblies .
    • Train and mentor support engineers in RF packaging techniques and practices.
    • Generating (or reviewing) electronic parts stress analysis, worst case analyses, and single event analysis.
    • Prepare and present material at design reviews.
    • Responsible for integrated circuit or printed wire board design, device evaluation and characterization, circuit analysis, prototype construction and checkout.
    • Prepare test methods and specifications; analyze equipment to establish operating data and conduct experimental tests; provide final equipment approval, and prepare documentation and user information.
    • Research, develop, design, and test electronic components, equipment, technology, systems and networks. May include specifying, designing and testing for compatibility with applicable electromagnetic environments.
    • Apply a wide-ranging experience and advanced knowledge in the field to derive and document assembly level engineering requirements, specifications and interface definitions.
    • Partner with other engineers, project personnel and management to design and develop highly complex and critical electronics system architectures.
    • Apply extensive and wide-ranging application experience to prepare significant requirements documents, interface agreements, verification and validation (V&V) plans, and risk mitigation plans and executes V&V plan.
    • Lead subsystem and system level test and verification teams

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, or related technical discipline with typically a minimum of 6 years of related experience, a Master’s degree in similar disciplines with a minimum of 4 years of related experience, or a Ph.D. in similar disciplines with a minimum of 2 years related experience.
    • Demonstrated experience in space flight hardware design with the ability design and solve technical problems in the area of RF circuit design.
    • Demonstrated experience in the development of spaceflight hardware including the documentation and evaluation involved in delivering space flight electronic hardware; the ability to perform worst-case analysis, parts stress analysis and single event transient analysis on this hardware.
    • Familiar with fundamental RF PCB design principles and components: transmission line geometries (stripline, microstrip, grounded coplanar waveguide), power dividers/combiners, phase shifters, amplifiers, matching networks, and EM modeling of RF transitions.

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