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Internships At Amazon – Robotics In Hoffman Estates

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    Job Description:

    As a research science intern, you will be working closely with fellow research scientists and research interns. You will use your experience in modeling, statistics, and simulation to design models of new processes, simulate their performance, and evaluate their benefits and impacts to cost, reliability, and speed. You will have access to rich datasets to develop mathematical models, create high visibility analytics, and have influence to the direction of the company.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Relevant experience in at least one of the related science disciplines (optimization – LP, MIP, Statistics,
    • Machine Learning, Process Control, Combinatorial Optimization)
    • Experience in problem solving and data analytics.
    • Enrolled in a Masters degree or equivalent in Engineering, Technology, Science, Operations Research,
    • Robotics, Mathematics or a related quantitative field
    • Experience with SQL and Statistical/mathematical programming software packages (e.g., R, SPSS, CPLEX, LONDO or Xpress, etc.).

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

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