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Ford Motor Company Graduate Internships Summer 2023 – Battery Cell Scientist In Romulus

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    Job Description:

    The Electrification Powertrain Engineering (EPE) organization is responsible for delivering the best fuel economy and refined Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric vehicles in every segment in which we compete; Consistently delivering the best customer vehicle value, profitably and delivering these objectives with performance and smoothness of operation that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Take advantage of this opportunity to work in one of the most dynamic and growing organizations in Ford and to further Ford’s “Power of Choice” initiative.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Large format lithium ion cell design development and qualification.
    • Cell design, engineering and assembly.
    • Materials selection and evaluation, including electrode, electrolyte and separator materials.
    • Manufacturing of battery cells, arrays, and packs.
    • Advanced battery cell and pack testing, with detailed analyses.
    • Battery cell chemical analyses.
    • Battery and cell usage analysis and related specification development.
    • Battery test lab operations, planning, and test methods development.
    • Next generation battery design, and new concept development.
    • Cell electrochemical methods and modeling.
    • Cell performance, life, and degradation studies.
    • Key Life Test development and evaluation.
    • Automotive cell reliability analysis, including design and process failure mode and effects analysis.
    • Detailed battery cell cost analysis and modeling.
    • Mild, full, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric vehicle applications.

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • MS and/or PhD in Materials Science, Engineering, or related field with a specialty in Cell Testing and analysis.
    • 3+ publications and/or patents for record of documentation.
    • 5+ years hands-on academic or industry experience desired. Electronics or laboratory skills a plus.
    • Excellent teamwork and communication skills. Leadership/Management experience.
    • Self-motivated with the ability to manage multiple tasks.

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