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Cia Student Internships – ScienceTechnology In McLean

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    Job Description:

    As a Science, Technology, and Weapons (STW) Analyst at CIA, you will apply your scientific and technical expertise to analyze foreign weapons development, weapons proliferation, cyber warfare, and emerging technologies. You will work closely with regional specialists, military analysts, collection officers, and other Intelligence Community professionals to provide accurate, all-source estimates of foreign intentions and capabilities to senior decision makers

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Our benefits support every aspect of a working professional’s life, including health and wellness, time off, family, finances, and continuing education.
    • Our programs include highly sought-after government health benefits, flexible schedules, sick leave, and childcare.
    • In some cases, we also offer sign-on incentives and cover moving expenses if you relocate.

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Physical sciences\
    • Biological sciences
    • Physics
    • Biotechnology and microbiology
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Computer engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Remote sensing/GIS
    • Computer science
    • Mathematics
    • Nuclear engineering
    • Chemical engineering
    • Chemistry

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