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Capital One Internship 2023 – Distinguished Engineer Serverless Center of Excellence In Baton Rouge

    Website Capital One

    Job Description:

    Distinguished Engineers are individual contributors who strive to be diverse in thought so we visualize the problem space. At Capital One, we believe diversity of thought strengthens our ability to influence, collaborate and provide the most innovative solutions across organizational boundaries. Distinguished Engineers will significantly impact our trajectory and devise clear roadmaps to deliver next generation technology solutions.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Provide thought leadership and build engineering excellence across Capital One engineering teams
    • Lead the way in creating next-generation talent for Tech, mentoring internal talent and actively recruiting external talent to bolster Capital One’s Tech talent
    • Operate as a trusted advisor for a specific technology, platform or capability domain, helping to shape use cases and implementation in an unified manner
    • Lead efforts to deploy new and existing applications into AWS environments
    • Build awareness, increase knowledge and drive adoption of modern technologies, sharing consumer and engineering benefits to gain buy-in
    • Drive best practices by creating technical content, code samples, blog posts, and educate our engineers on AWS Serverless technology
    • Strike the right balance between lending expertise and providing an inclusive environment where others’ ideas can be heard and championed; leverage expertise to grow skills in the broader Capital One team
    • Effectively communicate with and influence key stakeholders across the enterprise, at all levels of the organization
    • Promote a culture of engineering excellence, using opportunities to reuse and innersource solutions where possible

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • At least 5 years of programming experience (Java, Python, NodeJs)
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • At least 5 years xperience with AWS Serverless technologies (AWS Lambda, SQS, SNS, Kinesis, DynamoDB, S3, EventBridge)
    • At least 7 years experience of software engineering or software development experience

    To apply for this job please visit

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