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Buzzfeed Internships – Lead BuzzFeed UK Entertainment In Athens

    Website Buzzfeed

    Job Description:

    BuzzFeed, Inc. (Ticker: BZFD) is home to the best of the internet. Across food, news, pop culture and commerce, our brands drive conversation and inspire what audiences watch, read, buy, and obsess over next. Born on the internet in 2006, BuzzFeed, Inc. is committed to making it better: providing trusted, quality, brand-safe news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people; making content on the internet more inclusive, empathetic, and creative; and inspiring our audience to live better lives. We’ll continue to recruit the best founders and creators to join us in this mission, with more additions like Complex Networks and HuffPost to come

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Develop a growth strategy for all BuzzFeed’s platforms and content types
    • Be comfortable in a fast-paced, creatively demanding work environment that requires meticulous attention to detail
    • Be involved in branded approvals, from development to pre-production, production and post-production, ensuring quality execution at every stage
    • Motivate a team, ensuring your editorial and creative vision is communicated and understood from planning through to delivery
    • Create, research, edit and star in videos and be open to helping other teams with shoots, appearing in their videos and other branded campaigns
    • Apply insights to inspire virality, new formats, and valuable integrations for branded partnerships
    • Be a confident editor who can make key editorial decisions over the commissioning and direction of written content
    • Work with a team of producers and writers to create market-leading videos and articles that are viewed by millions of people around the world

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • A professional understanding linear editing programs such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut and have a rapid editing workflow
    • An appreciation for adhering to the highest editorial standards across written and video content
    • Experience managing budgets and working with operations leads
    • A willingness to experiment and reiterate on past successes, and be interested in analysing results to help inspire a team of writers
    • A deep understanding of analytics tools and data to improve the understanding of what does well on each platform, and the ability to use this knowledge to communicate best practice
    • Experience at hiring and coordinating freelance personnel, as well as optimizing their workflow
    • An operational understanding of a workflow for both video and written content
    • Experience working with commercial clients with the ability to be client-facing

    To apply for this job please visit

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