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Adobe Mba Internship – Tech Intern MS In Cedar Rapids

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    Job Description:

    Changing the world through digital experiences is what Adobe’s all about. We give everyone—from emerging artists to global brands—everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences! We’re passionate about empowering people to create beautiful and powerful images, videos, and apps, and transform how companies interact with customers across every screen.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Experience and awareness of state-of-the-art in multimodal pretraining, object detection, instance segmentation etc. along with state-of-the-art methods and architectures like Transformers, Self-Supervised training, Contrastive learning, StyleGAN, VQGAN etc.
    • Hands-on experience in building machine learning models in areas of Computer Vision and/or Natural Language Processing
    • MS or PhD in Computer Science, Machine Learning or relevant field
    • Hands-on experience with Python, Pytorch, PytorchLightning, Tensorflow, SKLearn

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Experience with Bias and Fairness in data and machine learning modeling along with bias identification and mitigation techniques in image models and language models
    • Exposure to AWS / GCP / Microsoft Azure or other cloud platforms
    • Experience in Web services / REST stacks

    To apply for this job please visit

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