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2023 Internship – Digital Marketing London

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    About the job

    Apply Now – Calling all Digital Marketers and Team Players.

    We have the mission to help speakers share their stories led by Oliver McCourty as the CEO, having represented 500,000+ young people in Parliament; with the company being on track to becoming one of the best and most meaningful groups on the planet.

    With such a great vision comes the necessity for a great team which is why we need your help.

    There are lots of exciting upcoming projects with big industry-leading companies partnering with us but to make sure we really deliver our excellent service, we’ll need a team to help manage and maintain them.

    • Be Bold
    • Be Honest
    • Be Passionate; we hold these 3 core values very close to our chests

    Removing barriers to entry starts at home which is why we require no qualifications to join our teams.

    Responsibilities include ensuring consistent communication with team members alongside relationship maintenance with key stakeholders. Open to full-time students; 9am to 6pm from Monday to Thursday is very much the standard here although the option to work on a Saturday instead for example alongside any other day making up 4 days per week is likely to be possible with our fantastic flexible working culture.

    A collaborative culture can be hard to find, however, we’ve worked tirelessly to find amazing colleagues for you who work hard and think smart.

    No day will be the same, you’ll be championed for your successes and appreciated for your failures as a lesson learnt, it’s a step forward. The unpaid role will include the practice of a variety of different skills you’re looking to develop and hone via thrilling projects that naturally flip your duvet in the morning on our journey to help speakers share their stories.

    Have the best of days ahead in the meantime! – Apply Now

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