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2023 Internship – Digital Marketing Intern United Kingdom

    • Full Time
    • United Kingdom
    • Applications have closed

    Website Premier

    About the job

    Here at Premier, we inspire the world to be the leading change in finance. We are building an all-in-one super app that caters to the modern need of financial literacy and generational wealth development. We look forward to having you on the team and can’t wait to see you application!

    We are actively looking for a Project Management intern that is willing to work with us for an 8-week sprint starting on January 9. This includes 2 intern role positions that will hold capabilities of working part-time with the set expectation and performance reviews can lead to a full time role.

    What are the key roles and responsibilities we are expecting? See below

    Company Requirements

    • Fully capable of wanting to learn and grow at an early-stage startup
    • Knows basic functionality of Microsoft-Office Suite
    • Communication skills are proficient to a modern level

    Role Specific

    • Has data research exposure / experience
    • Has a basic understanding of analytics and data utilization
    • Is willing to learn about presentations and presentation skills


    We will train you on project management fundamentals and expectations we hold as a team to maintain documentation and order.

    You will be able to showcase your work in live production display.

    You will have the opportunity to be extended a full time role within the team.

    Please Note that this is an unpaid internship that will run for 8-weeks starting January 9. Following the 8-weeks, you will be given a performance review and will then convert to a full-time offer role with a settlement to help address the 8-week stint that was not covered.

    If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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